Here at Letsolo, we are passionate about providing our clients with exceptional service – and we are just as passionate about looking after our planet. We urge all of our clients and followers to get involved alongside us this World Earth Day. Here’s what you need to know.

What is World Earth Day?

World Earth Day has been around since 1970 and seeks to educate and bring new levels of consciousness to the negative effects that our daily habits, rituals and lifestyles are having on the sustainability and long-term wellbeing of our planet.

World Earth Day 2018

Each year, while focused on generating awareness around conservation and green living in general, World Earth Day often embraces a specific theme. This year, organisations are working to draw attention to the need to reduce plastic pollution, especially when it comes to the pollution of our oceans and fresh water sources.

Why Do We Need to Be Concerned about Plastic Pollution?

Plastic pollution has a much greater impact on our planet than simply littering our beaches. Plastic has the potential to poison and injure marine life, clog our waste streams and landfills and even has a shocking effect on human health, disrupting our hormones and wreaking havoc on our immune systems.

Getting Involved

Companies and educators are urged to get involved in making a change and can do so via the World Earth Day website: Even individuals can start doing their part in the fight against plastic pollution by creating a Personal Plastic Plan in a bid to reduce their own plastic consumption and track their progress. Individuals can also do their bit to raise awareness around this issue, both on World Earth Day and throughout the year, by tagging their related Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts with #EarthDay2018 #EndPlasticPollution #lessplastic #plasticless

What Else Can I Do?

Aside from helping to get a handle on the extensive plastic pollution problem, there are many other helpful things that you can do on World #EarthDay. You can plant a tree, or donate to the tree planting programme. You can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by resolving to eat less meat (even just following the #MeatlessMondays movement can make a massive difference) and, of course, you can educate yourself further in terms of reducing your personal carbon footprint by visiting:

So, let’s preserve our planet. Together, we CAN make a change.