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Here at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services cc, we offer four main services, namely Water Services, Engineering Services, Civil Engineering Services and Air Quality Services.

Our Water Services

Hydrological Impact Assessments

  • Our team identifies and delineates all surface water catchments in the affected area;
  • We determine the status of any surface water resources within the affected area in terms of water quality, in-stream flow, riparian habitat, and aquatic biota;
  • We identify sensitive downstream users of said water resources;
  • We take the time to establish downstream locations which are suitable for the accurate measurement of water flow and quality for all potentially affected surface water resources; and
  • We determine the 1:100-year flood line of all water courses within the affected area.

Process Water Management

  • Our team of hydrologists ensures that any water in the process water system, as well as other contaminated water, is collected and contained in a process water circuit;
  • We ensure that the process water circuit is isolated from both the dirty stormwater system and the water collected in any stormwater dam, except for the controlled intake of stormwater into the process water circuit as make up water;
  • We collect and contain excess process water in a dedicated pollution control dam which is designed, constructed, maintained and operated to have a spillage frequency of not more than two (2) percent computed on an annual basis from daily time step modelling, taking account of the following:
    • long term rainfall on the catchment feeding the dam for a rainfall record not shorter than 50 years;
    • dam sizing; and
    • dedicated abstraction rate from the dam to achieve the stated spill frequency.
  • We ensure that the dam has a dedicated freeboard which is above the dam’s full supply level to ensure the long-term integrity of the dam, unless otherwise specified in terms of Chapter 12 of the Act; and
  • We ensure that the dam is equipped with a suitably-sized spillway to pass floods to the dirty area.
  • We ensure that the dam is equipped with a suitably engineered basin barrier to protect the local water resource as dictated by the level of risk posed by the impounded contaminated water;
  • We ensure that the dam is equipped with suitably-sized upslope, cleanable silt traps, thus ensuring that the dam storage capacity is properly maintained;
  • We ensure that water used in any process at a mine is recycled as far as is practical, and that any facility, sump, pumping installation, pipes and channels used for recycling water is of adequate design and capacity to prevent the spillage, seepage or release of contaminated water;
  • We ensure that the process water management infrastructure is kept free from any matter or obstruction affecting the efficiency thereof; and
  • We ensure that no process water is stored in underground workings, open pit excavations or mining voids.

Ground Water Management

  • Our team will identify, delineate and characterise all ground water resources which may potentially be affected by the mining operation;
  • We identify the most sensitive ground water users that may be impacted upon by the exploration; and
  • We compile a management plan to prevent any pollution of a ground water resource identified in terms of regulation 5(1)(a)(i). The information generated in terms of regulation 5(1) shall be submitted to the Department within 7 days of submission of the environmental management plan in terms of section 39(2) of the MPRDA.

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Water Balances

  • Our team incorporates accurate values based upon measured volumes for the water abstracted, discharged, beneficiation process water intake, outflow to and return water from waste management facilities and water abstracted from mine workings; and
  • We incorporate accurate values determined from suitable measurement or modelling of rainfall, runoff, seepage, and evaporation.

Water Conservation and Water Demand Management

  • Our team expertly quantifies the water use efficiency of the client’s activity;
  • We handle all the mine water management and water loss strategies and programmes;
  • We set annual targets for improved water use efficiency for the mining activity, beneficiation and waste disposal practices and stipulate which measures will be implemented to achieve the targets on the mine;
  • We report on the implementation of more efficient processes, equipment designs, and other on-site measures to enable the mine to avoid and reduce water consumption; and
  • We report on the implementation and reduction of total water demand.

Mine Residue and Stockpile Management

  • Our team will maintain and operate any dam or any residue deposit or stockpile, as well as any other facilities containing hydraulically transported substances, so that any water, residue or other material therein, or falling therein, will not result in the failure, or impair the stability, thereof; and
  • We ensure that no substance which has the potential to contaminate water is used for the construction of any dam or other impoundment or any embankment, road or railway, or for any other purpose which is likely to cause pollution of a water resource.

Post-Closure Water Management Planning

  • Our team presents a post-closure mine water balance;
  • We act to maximise the application of pollution prevention measures based on assessment of the long-term impacts of applied closure management actions on the water resource in accordance with impact prediction procedures set out in regulation 10; and
  • We define monitoring programmes that should be implemented to collect data to allow for scheduled future updates and improvements.

Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans

  • Our team will prepare an IWWMP in accordance with a format that is approved by the Department;
  • We will submit the IWWMP to the Department for approval; and
  • We will keep the IWWMP current by updating it whenever there is a change to the mine plan or, where revision of the mine plan is infrequent, update the IWWMP every two years or as specified in terms of a water use licence.


  • Our team will conduct a third party external audit on the compliance with the requirements of this regulation every second year; and
  • We will submit the audit reports generated in terms of the requirements of this regulation to the department within 30 days of the completion of the report.


Letsolo Water and Environmental Services CC can assist with hydropedological assessments, a key requirement for water use licence application where wetlands may be impacted. This study is a small-scale version for what is happening in soil science. Letsolo is targeting farming communities to increase crop yield as well as mining entities to quantify the impact of mining on flow transport through soil. Our vision is to create a site-specific analysis, not only for food production, but also for climate change, ecology, preservation of natural resources, forestry, and carbon sequestration.

Hydropedology is an emerging interdisciplinary science with many unique aspects, including:

  • An emphasis on in-situ soil architecture and the soil-landscape relationship to better understand interactive pedologic and hydrologic processes across scales;
  • A focus on water storage and movement as the central thread for understanding complex physical, chemical, and biological processes in real-world soils;
  • A holistic, systems approach to connect fast and slow soil processes (temporal domain) and to bridge soil structural and landscape units (spatial domain);
  • An integration of soil formation and soil function, and a combined geographic and functional characterisation of soils in diverse landscapes;
  • An integrated, iterative system of mapping, monitoring, and modelling for improved understanding and prediction of complex landscape–soil–water–vegetation relationships; and
  • A foundation for ecosystem services and environmental sustainability.

Our Engineering Services

Flood Line Delineation

  • Our team will identify and delineate all surface water catchments in the affected area;
  • We also specialise in geometric data in terms of conducting land surveys to generate contours. Our experts are also able to effectively generate a schematic of a river, as well as generate cross section data at 50-metre intervals; and
  • We have experience in flow data and boundary conditions and can add tributaries, finalise the schematic, generate bridge and culvert data, as well as generate a final cross section. We also perform hydraulic computation for the main storm events and map out flood lines on topographical sheets and / or Google Maps.

Stormwater Management Plans

  • Our team is responsible for identifying and delineating all surface water catchments in the affected area;
  • We identify sensitive downstream users of said water resources;
  • We take the time to establish downstream locations which are suitable for the accurate measurement of water flow and quality for all potentially affected surface water resources; and
  • We determine the 1:100-year flood line of all water courses within the affected area.

Survey Services

Letsolo can now add value to your projects. We are able to make exact measurements and determine physical boundaries, with accurate details pertaining to the terrain and land features. Our recent collaborative efforts with Terrasurvey (Pty) Ltd ensure that in addition to our usual services, you have access to data relevant to the shape, contour, gravitation, location, elevation, or dimension of land and features on or near the earth’s surface.

Consider our survey entity in your projects; essential for engineering, mapmaking, mining, land evaluation, construction, and other purposes.  We work with state-of-the-art technological instrumentation to provide all clients of diverse backgrounds with the following modern services:

  • Aerial surveys for mining pits, stockpiles, tailings, pipelines, roads, powerlines etc,
  • Aerial assessment of land surface infrastructure,
  • Site evaluations and aerial surveillance,
  • Routine maintenance and Quality Control.

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Civil Engineering Services

Our technical engineering designs are based on modern technology, are in line with the highest engineering standards, and reflect individual customer needs and preferences. Our experienced and qualified engineers provide consultancy services based on both client needs as well as on professional experience.

Water Reticulation Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Services 

  • Revision of the quantity of earth works:
  • Creation of existing ground surface and finished ground (designed) surface using data provided; and
  • Automated calculation of the quantity of earth works.

Detailed Technical Design of Residential and Infrastructure Areas

  • Automated calculation of construction quantities.

Creation of the Detailed 3D Design Model using AutoCAD Civil 3D

  • Automated calculation of construction quantities.
  • Design of the longitudinal profile.
  • Creation of the 3D model.

Revision of the Quantity of Earth Works 

  • Creation of the 3D model of the existing ground surface using the GPS data provided.
  • Designing of the vertical plan (surface) of areas.
  • Creation of the 3D model of the designed surface.
  • Automated calculation of cut, fill and net volume.
  • Graphic representation and visualisation.

Detailed Design of Residential and Infrastructure Areas 

  • Designing of the pavement construction (layers).
  • Designing of the longitudinal profile.
  • Designing a vertical plan (surface) of areas.

Certificate of Competence

Letsolo Water and Environmental Services cc is committed to ensuring that every project receives the highest priority and that suitable resources will be made available to undertake and complete it within the prescribed time frame. We fully appreciate the fundamental importance of all aspects of the project and therefore intend to utilise the best approach possible for each task. Finally, we believe that a healthy interaction with the client, as well as open, consistent communication from our side, will result in the desired outcome and the overall success of the project.

We specialise in the following areas of design work:

  • General
  • Land Planning
  • Architectural
  • Construction
  • Transport Communication
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal
  • Environmental Protection
  • Preparation for construction and Organisation of Construction Work
  • Determination of the Estimated Price of Construction
  • Economic and Traffic Safety

Our Air Quality Services

As an immediate solution to air quality impacts from industrial and development activities, our team can now:

  • Assist in determining the condition of the air at operational sites such as mines, power generation plants, industrial sites, and residential sites;
  • Provide monthly and annual monitoring of the impact caused by pollutants such as smoke, dust, and other gases in the air;
  • Compile a management plan by conducting a detailed assessment on a variety of pollution indicators;
  • Monitor compliance to air quality standards, air quality limits and regulatory requirements; and
  • Install and maintain ambient air quality instrumentation to record levels of exposure to pollution for the safety and protection of our environment and people.

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