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Letsolo Water and Environmental Services is rated as a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) company that provides comprehensive services in both Water Engineering and Environmental Management. We operate in selected market segments focusing on energy, government, manufacturing, and mining industries.

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Ishmael Phalane – Managing Director

Mr Ishmael Phalane, Managing Director of Letsolo Water and Environmental Services, is a registered member of the Engineering Council of South Africa, ECSA (Registration Number 201480763). He boasts seven years of experience in the field of water quality management, and 12 years of experience in the field of water and environmental engineering.

Over the course of his professional career, Ishmael has focused his attention on conducting specialist studies for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and Environmental Management Program Reports (EMPRs), creating and implementing site management plans, and conducting water balance calculations. He has also played an integral role in the implementation of various water conservation and demand management principles.

Ishmael specialises in civil engineering regarding the calculation and analysis of hydrological data and liaising with different organisations in the private, governmental and international sectors, through negotiations with Irrigation Boards.

Emaculate Madungwe-Nharingo – Line Function Manager

Ms Emaculate Madungwe-Nharingo is a registered Professional Natural Scientist with extensive experience in environmental and water quality management of vulnerable environments. Since 2007, Emaculate has strengthened her experience in environmental impact assessment, managing duties such as scoping, site assessments, development impact assessments (social, environmental, ecological), as well as public and stakeholder consultation regarding problem solving and environmental management tasks.

Emaculate also has practical experience in water quality sampling, monitoring, assessment and reporting, and compliance auditing. She holds an Honours Degree in Applied Environmental Sciences, and a regional master’s degree in Integrated Water Resources Management. Furthermore, Emaculate boasts a Post-graduate Diploma in Environmental Management for Emerging and Developing Countries.

Thembisile Gamede – Environmental Consultant 

Ms Thembisile Gamede is a young, vibrant environmental professional with key experience in environmental consulting. She is a registered Candidate Natural Scientist (REG No. 116465) with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP). She has a BSc Degree in Life and Environmental Sciences, as well as her Honours Degree in Geology.

Thembisile has over five years of working experience in a diverse range of fields, including administration and environmental consulting. As a consultant at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services, she has gained valuable expertise in various specialist disciplines, such as hydrology, Integrated Water and Wastewater Management Plans (IWWMP), Storm Water Management Plans, geotechnical investigations, environmental monitoring (water and dust fallout), EA & EMPr audits, IWUL audits, waste classification, rehabilitation plans, and ECO duties. Over the years, she has also gained sound knowledge of numerous legislations such as NEMA, NWA, MPRDA, and NEMAQA, NEMWA, and GN704.

She is responsible for writing technical reports and report reviews, and interacting with clients.

Refilwe Chuma – Environmental Assistant

Ms Refilwe Chuma is a registered MSc candidate at North West University. She has a BSc Degree in Chemistry and Geography, as well as an Honours Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. Refilwe was part of the North-West University Student Council, serving as the project manager in the Faculty of Agriculture, Science and Technology (FAST) from the 10th of January 2016 up until the 31st of December 2016.

Refilwe began her career as a student assistant at North-West University and has since held the position of GIS and Remote Sensing Intern at Southern Mapping Company and GIS Assistant at Entsika Consulting Services. She has experience in providing geospatial solutions for in-house operations and clients in various industries. Areas of competency include remotely sensed data processing, cartographic representation and image processing, Geographical Information Systems, and environmental systems.

As an Environmental Assistant at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services, Refilwe plays an integral role in environmental monitoring (water and dust fallout). She is creative, enthusiastic, and possesses excellent analytical and communication skills.

Rodness Thokwe-Mashimbye – Administrative Assistant 

Ms Rodness Thokwe-Mashimbye began her career working as an Administrative Assistant at Mills and Otten Environmental Consultants. Her main responsibility was to oversee the daily administrative operations of the office, which included general secretarial duties. It also involved developing procedures and policies for office activities, as well as supervising these activities in order to achieve maximum expense control and productivity.

In 2019, Rodness joined Alpha and Omega Financial Services where she worked as an Accounts Officer. Today, she works as an office administrator at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services. Rodness strives to bring efficiency, reliability, and accuracy to her office procedures, and to further explore and expand upon her skills and knowledge.

Lorance Makuwa – Air Quality Consultant

Mr Lorance Makuwa is an Air Quality Consultant at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services.  He holds a BTech degree in Environmental Sciences and a BSc Honours degree in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling.  Lorance has three years’ experience in the Air Quality field as well as a year in other environmental fields, including Environmental Authorisations.

Over the years, Lorance has accumulated vast amount of experience in Air Quality Monitoring and Management. Lorance is experienced in stationary sources emissions, Leak Detection and Repairs (LDAR), ambient passive sampling of Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylenes (BTEX), Ozone, Sulphur Dioxide and dust fall out monitoring.

In his capacity as Air Quality Consultant at Letsolo, Lorance is responsible for field work, dust fallout monitoring and PM10 (particulate matter of 10 microns) air quality monitoring and testing as well as air quality reporting.

Lebohang Makola – Hydrologist

Mr Lebohang Makola is a registered MSc Environmental Management Candidate from the University of Johannesburg. He has a BSc Degree in Geology and Geography, as well as a BSc Honours Degree in Geography. Lebohang has over five years’ experience in the Geo-Informatics field and four years’ experience in Environmental Monitoring.

Lebohang is a multi-skilled environmental scientist with knowledge in environmental monitoring, water quality monitoring, air quality monitoring, soil science, environmental education and awareness, as well as data and spatial analysis. He also has experience in maintaining sustainable environmental management systems and databases. Furthermore, he is proficient in mapping environmental contaminants and detecting changes in ecosystems by using Geoinformatics (GIS) techniques.

As a Hydrologist at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services, Lebohang is responsible for environmental monitoring (water and dust fallout), conducting hydrological impact assessments and water and salt balance calculations, conducting hydrological and storm water studies, and preparing storm water management plans, as well as flood lines and catchment delineation.

Modiegi Phalane – Executive Assistant

Ms Modiegi Phalane holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree obtained from the University of South Africa (UNISA). In addition, Modiegi is a Candidate Legal Practitioner recognised by the Legal Practice Council and the Black Lawyers Association. Her main role at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services is one of support and to assist project sponsors, managers, and the project team by providing an optimal framework from which to operate from.

Modiegi is involved in the processing of important documentation and formal communication such as the tendering process and project meetings. While her daily responsibilities include clerical and organisational tasks, Modiegi is also Letsolo’s ISO 9001 Management Representative and ensures that the correct office management systems are in place and adhered to. Modiegi has the authority to implement and change operational processes as she sees fit in order to achieve and maintain ISO certification.

Humbulani Thavhanyedza – Environmental Compliance Officer

Mr Humbulani Thavhanyedza is a registered PhD candidate in Geography and Environmental Management from North-West University. He holds an MSc Master of Environmental Sciences, BSc Honours in Environmental Sciences, and a BSc degree in Environmental Sciences. Humbulani is a registered Candidate Natural Scientist (Reg No 130499) with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professionals (SACNASP).

Humbulani is a results-oriented individual with three years’ experience in Environmental Monitoring, including the use of GIS techniques in capturing and analysing geographical data, cartographic data, and map creations. His areas of competency include, Water Quality Management, Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) duties, and Environmental Monitoring (landcare, soil care, and water care).

As an ECO at Letsolo Water and Environmental Services, Humbulani is responsible for Water Quality Management, Environmental Compliance, and Environmental Authorisation Audits.

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