The 8th of June was World Oceans Day. From overfishing to pollution, there’s no doubt that our oceans have suffered tremendous damage at our hands. The good news is that each one of us can make a difference simply by making changes to our lifestyles and daily habits. We provide you with a few helpful suggestions below.

Be Aware of Your Carbon Footprint

Many things that we do every day, such as hop in the car even though our destination is in walking distance, can have a large impact on the effects of climate change on our oceans. Furthermore, by purchasing food and products that have been packaged in unrecyclable materials, we contribute the massive plastic waste problem that is killing off valuable marine life. Do our oceans and your health a favour and buy fresh instead whenever possible!

Make Sustainable Seafood Choices

Most of us can’t get enough of the goodies on the menu at Ocean Basket or the exotic fish for sale at the local monger. Unfortunately, overfishing is one of the most alarming problems facing our oceans today, and by consuming endangered fish and other marine animals, we are adding to the problem. While most restaurants and stores will be aware of which seafood is a no-no, it pays to be educated on this matter yourself, too. For example, fish to avoid include Orange roughy, haddock, Tiger prawns, skate and swordfish. Sustainable seafood choices, on the other hand, include tilapia, catfish, sardines, cod, mackerel and herring.

Be Mindful on the Beach

Any waste or litter that you leave behind after a day of fun on the beach will inevitably make its way into the ocean. Furthermore, while you may think that you are innocently taking a particularly pretty seashell home as a memento, doing so could have a negative effect on the already delicate aquatic ecosystem.

For more information on how you can help to preserve our oceans, or to learn more about our water-savvy business in general, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Letsolo team.