As the cheery warmer weather floods into South Africa and everyone is awash with the joys of spring, many of us have long forgotten about the water crisis that had our country tightly in its clutches earlier this year. We’ve got an update for you below.

The excellent news is that the water levels of all Cape Town dams have continued to increase over the past months. In fact, the combined average water levels have gone up by just under 2% just in the last few weeks. That doesn’t sound like much but, as we all know, every single drop counts! Weather experts are also confident that Cape Town will see a decent amount of rainfall in the coming weeks. We’ve got our fingers crossed!

How to Save Water This Spring

While we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that things are looking up, let us not make the mistake of getting too comfortable. Saving water still needs to be a top priority for all South Africans going forward. Here are Letsolo’s top springtime water-saving tips:

The warm sunshine is a great excuse to spend some extra time in the garden. It’s also the perfect place to save some water. For example, you could start by placing some mulch around the base of your plants and flowers. The mulch helps to prevent evaporation which means that you won’t have to water them as often.

Pull out weeds as soon as you notice them appearing. Those pesky unwanted visitors can suck up the water reserved for your plants.

Water your garden with a watering can. The additional manual labour is worth it – hoses and sprinklers cost your household litres upon litres of wasted of water.

Place buckets underneath your drain spouts whenever it rains. The water that you’ll collect is great for watering plants or even for washing your car.

Springtime is pool time! If you have kids, caution them to avoid splashing around in the swimming pool too much. The more water that gets splashed out, the more your pool level will drop – and we all know how much water it takes to refill it.

So, let’s all make an effort to be more mindful throughout this fresh new season. After all, saving water is easy as long as you’re conscious of it.

Happy Spring from the Letsolo team!